Ton Ko~Thi Children’s Ensemble

The Ton Ko-Thi Children’s Performing Ensemble, translated as “Little Ko-Thi”, is the vanguard of Ko-Thi Dance Company’s education outreach. Established in 1983 by company alumna Lnda Lacy Hodge, she understood the importance of passing on the culture & tradition through performance art to the younger generation. It identifies, nurtures and develops young artistic talent as they explore African based dance and music idioms. 

With members ranging in ages from 6-16, the Ton Ko-Thi Children’s Performing Ensemble boasts an impressive resume performing for Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Summerfest with Ko-Thi alumna Naima Adedapo, & the Ravinia Festival Park. The ensemble has also mounted its own full-length concerts. Many of its former members have went on to pursue a multitude of professional endeavors from education to performing arts. The ensemble’s aims to provide its members with educational, leadership, & performing opportunities centered around the following principles: 

  • Artistic Development 
  • Cultural Awareness 
  • Self-Discipline 
  • Teamwork 

Intensive classes and rehearsals are held with these talented children throughout the year. Yearly dues for member participating  is required of parents. Scholarship funds for dues are constantly being raised through the company’s education outreach program. Ko-Thi Dance Company continues to commit considerable operating revenue for this program. 

Members of Ton Ko-Thi are chosen by bi-annuall auditions and/or selected directly from  
educational outreach programs. The ensemble rehearses on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons. 

The Ton Ko-Thi Youth Ensemble is available for performances year-round. 

If you are interested in your child being a member of Ton Ko-Thi and/or booking the ensemble , contact us at (414) 273-0676 or 

Or you can visit our Booking page and complete the online form.

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