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The final installment of the SANKOFA Series is here! Join KTDC Artistic Director DeMar Walker and Ton Ko-Thi Assistant Adrean Maxwell for an intimate conversation about race, gender, character, and navigating the social pressures of being Black male performance artists doing African diasporic dance.


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Founded in 1969, KTDC passionately preserves, teaches, documents, interprets, and performs dance and music rooted in the cultures of the African Diaspora and has continually diversified its programming to incorporate ongoing national, economic, and audience evolution without sacrificing the mission of inspiring our community to celebrate themselves and others through the present-day interpretation of ancient and contemporary African dance and music.

Djembe Love!
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DrumTalk, Ko-Thi's signature educational programming, offers performances and workshops for groups of all ages and experience levels. From single-day programs to full-year school residencies, DrumTalk programming can be tailored to your organization's individual needs and goals. Contact us today for more information!




DrumTalk Workshop


He who understands music understands the cosmos.

~African Proverb


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P.O. Box 1093 Milwaukee, WI 53201

(414) 273-0676


(414) 273-0676

P.O. Box 1093 Milwaukee, WI 53201

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