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Founded in 1969, KTDC passionately preserves, teaches, documents, interprets, and performs dance and music rooted in the cultures of the African Diaspora and has continually diversified its programming to incorporate ongoing national, economic, and audience evolution without sacrificing the mission of inspiring our community to celebrate themselves and others through the present-day interpretation of ancient and contemporary African dance and music.


COVID -19 Statement

Dear Ko-Thi Family,

As you may already be aware from local news reports, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee staff member was tested for

the COVID-19 virus earlier this week after becoming ill following contact with an individual who had recently traveled to a

country with a Level 3 warning. The results of that test have not been announced and the university continues to emphasize

that there is NOT currently a confirmed case of COVID-19 on any of their campuses. In addition, the World Health

Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic on March 10, 2020. In response to these factors, university

leadership has announced several measures designed to safeguard the health and well-being of all who use their campus

facilities, including Ko-Thi Dance Company.

Beginning Sunday March 15, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has suspended access to many of their facilities for the

majority of users until Friday April 10, with the hope that the university will return to normal operations beginning Monday

April 13. As a result, Ko-Thi Dance will not be permitted to host classes, workshops, rehearsals, or meetings on the UWM

campus until after Friday April 10. Effective beginning Sunday March 15, we will be suspending all community

programming classes, as well as public performance activities and rehearsals for both the Adult and Ton

Performance Companies, until Saturday April 11. A member of the administrative staff will be individually contacting

all community class participants who have paid their full registration fees for the current session.

Due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic, there is a very real possibility that this hiatus may be extended by the university,

and we will continue to work with university leadership to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all who participate in

  1. Ko-Thi’s programming and our community at large. Our administrative staff will continue to work remotely through the

hiatus and will update our website (www.ko-thi.org) with further information as it becomes available. You can also find up-

to-date information regarding these closures through UWM’s website (uwm.edu/coronavirus/) and more about ways to

protect yourself and your family at the Centers for Disease Control’s website (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/).

If you have questions or concerns regarding the hiatus of our programming, please contact the staff IN

WRITING at kkothi@aol.com. We ask that you do NOT contact us by phone at this time to enable us to more

effectively manage your inquiries as they arrive.

We thank you for your understanding and support during this time, and we wish you good health in the weeks to come.


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(414) 273-0676


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