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Join us for an evening of music and dance in traditional styles from the African Diaspora as Ko-Thi presents WILDFIRE: Replay. This performance is inspired by the spiritual power of our ancestors and aims to revitalize and heal the community by expelling negative forces through positive wind forces that are connected to each dance. The show brings to life the powerful elements of air, water, and fire, catalyzed by the grace and fluidity of movement, and the might of the drums.
The wildfire acts as a harbinger of rampant growth and a revitalization of life. WILDFIRE: Replay is a retelling of our original story, breathing new life into traditional stories. At the conclusion of the show, we pay homage to our ancestors by celebrating our Ko-Thi. Come witness the beauty and power of our heritage!


Showing time 1:00PM


Showing time 7:30PM

Concert: Upcoming Productions
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